Our finest moments

Here are some of our recent projects we are particularly proud of. Proud, but never satisfied.

Exhibitions - Rayovac

We put the fun into functional when we travelled to Germany for the EUHA International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians, Hannover.

Rayovac, a battery manufacturer, created a dynamic stand to showcase their latest innovations and product upgrades.

We integrated our patented liquid nitrogen technology with the stand to deliver a dynamic catering experience - offering a create your own ice cream service from a Rayovac branded menu of ingredients.

Branded cups, professional staff and natural curiosity from passers-by encouraged attendees to enjoy a personalised and novel nitrogen ice-cream experience while engaging with Rayovac.

Experiential Marketing – Skoda Yeti Launch

Skoda's slogan is 'Simply clever', something we strongly believe in at Sixth Sense. We took the Yeti theme and ran with it, installing a compact snow-covered log cabin and delivering a scaled-up taste experience to help them launch the Yeti model, a compact SUV.

Each customer had the chance to create their own bespoke sorbet. Our unique liquid nitrogen ice-cream machines cranked out 1,200 portions of frozen sorbets each day of our 8-week tour of the UK’s busiest shopping centres.

We wound up making and serving over 10,000 bespoke sorbets. A truly unique experiential offering. Did we smash their brief? Sorbetter believe it.

Brand Activations – Colgate

Are our brand activations spine-tinglingly amazing? We think so. For Colgate, a multi-venue campaign that ran over 10 long weekends and was teeth-tinglingly tantalising.

We produced various ice-cream flavours, fresh, onsite every day to help promote their sensitive toothpaste. What better way to activate a brand experience by literally putting it to the (taste) test.

The aim was to produce the 'world’s most sensitising ice cream' that would be a match for Colgate’s product.

The Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Ultimate Challenge surpassed all expectations and delivered over 20,000 customer surveys.  9 out of 10 people stated that they felt no pain after trying the ice cream and 8 out 10 people said they’d be switching to Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief.

The campaign was such a success that it was repeated two years later exceeding even bigger targets and helping even more people stay pain free when enjoying their favourite foods.

Retail Store Activations & Launches - O2

From high-end events to high street retail launches. We can do it all. But if you've got a built-in audience like hungry, curious tech fans, as well as capturing passers-by's attention, then it's an opportunity for a bigger win.

We developed an O2 inspired experiential offering to help launch the latest Samsung note. The activation occurred over four stores at the same time during the product unpacking.

The air crackled with excitement as we produced nitro poached popcorn which vented flavoursome, atmospheric air when chewed.

So, not only do we bring a sense of occasion, but a logistical flair by covering multiple stores at the same time.

Experiential Marketing– Kraken (Cannes)

Kraken rum is the stuff of legend, both as a drink and creative force. It’s a distinctive brand with its own mythology and devout followers, and we were proud to be involved in promoting the Kraken Spiced Rum at the TFWA Duty free buyer conference and expo at Cannes.

As the drinks market is a highly competitive and marketing heavy environment, we looked for a way to cut through the industry noise at the event.

We needed to bring it all. Immersion. Theatrics. An attention-grabber to snare delegates in a new and innovative way. We developed and served the UK’s first alcoholic, pure black ice-cream. The Kraken I SCREAM from one of our flavour and development sessions.

This innovative product was delivered from a pirate ship being engulfed by a giant kraken. Pretty spectacular. The bold, dark flavour matched the visual identity. We went beyond ‘being different’ and took it to the high seas and back.

Just think. What could we do for your brand?

Liquid to Lips Sampling – Rekorderlig at The Botanist

The room was packed with mingling guests and mingling flavours as we collaborated with TRO agency to deliver a Rekorderlig experience for the opening of the latest Botanist bar.

Fantastical botanicals and magical mists turned the heads of the assembled bloggers, influencers and crowd for the VIP opening. The centrepiece for the experience was our vintage florist cart that exuded Rekorderlig flavoured mists for the crowd to sample - drawing stares, wows and huge childlike smiles.

If you want a way for people to engage with your product in a fresh way, or simply add some theatre and magic to your event (while being seriously Instagrammable) all you need to do is ask.

Guerrilla - XAD On Location

A three-day roadshow campaign, taking ice cream to 6 client offices in London. Our liquid nitrogen ice cream service was used to produce two uniquely branded coconut and lime ice creams. In locations where access was an issue we simply used a trestle table with free standing machines. Full client branding was adopted for our cart, ice cream cups, aprons, napkins and even spoons. 2,300 ice creams were served over the campaign.

Guerrilla - World Duty Free

Approached by World Duty Free to create a range of whisky-infused ice creams to promote the 2015 Whisky Festival. Delivered as a guerrilla campaign to media houses in London, followed by a public giveaway in Bloomsbury Square, serving from a beautiful Citroen Van we had specially kitted out for the day.

Bespoke Production - Ivanti

Creative event displays get us excited, no really, they do. We love to be given the space to through our creative weight around.

We were commissioned by an IT company to produce two stands for IP Expo and SITS in 2018. Out with the old and in with the new. We created an entirely new design based on their current branding and company ethos.

We created private & personal areas for the sales team to give one to one demonstrations, a 24 person presentation stage and to top it off we throw in some nitro cocktails and ice cream to draw in the crowds.

RHUL Halloween Ball – The Perfect Storm Bar

The Halloween Ball is one of the biggest nights in the RHUL event calendar. In 2018 they had a real treat , we gave them a spine-tingling taste sensation and full on experience with the immersive perfect Storm Bar. 600 samples of The Perfect Storm were given out during the 2 hour period then the bar was turned into a full on paid bar to generate revenue which help pay for the activation costs.

Proximo Spirits Multi Sensory Immersive Expo Stand

We were commissioned by our good friends at Proximo to create an immersive expo stand at the world famous drinks expo - Imbibe 2018. Their objective was to stand out from competitor and to put Kraken on the map.

The headline cocktail was the main focus, The Perfect Storm. What better way to captivate attendees then to create a multi sensory bar complete with sophisticated AV with life like cracks of thunder and lightning. Kraken flavoured fog filled the walkways and what else? A wall of rain of course. Pretty impressive stuff by all accounts.

Record numbers of engagements and sign ups to the LOD Proximos online portal for everything Kraken. Subsequent to this we have been invited to complete two further exciting projects for The Kraken Rum brand.